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Curriculum Objectives

Media Literacy GE Course 媒介素養通識科



Starting from 2012, theSchoolofCommunicationoffers to HKBU students a university-wide General Education course entitled “Media Studies in the 21st Century”.



Curriculum Objectives:

The purpose of the course is to arouse students’ awareness of the role mass media play in their lives and society. It aims at developing students’ critical analytical ability to deconstruct media messages. It also cultivates their skill of creative expression.

In the Web 2.0 age, young people are living in a media saturated world. Their values and social actions are significantly influenced by the media. With the rise of the Internet, media content is not only produced by media professionals, but also by ordinary people. From YouTube to blogs, information is being circulated without filtering and verification. Traditional media are also transforming their ways of delivering news and information. Therefore, being media literate becomes vital for young people to wisely interact with the changing society. It is also important for them to learn how to conduct news analysis.

Media literacy is defined as a life skill which enables young people to critically understand, analyze, use and monitor the media. A social participative approach is adopted in this course so that students are cultivated not only as active and critical media prosumers but also as informed and responsible citizens.